He has slightly green skin, green-brown eyes, and black eyebrows. His hair is worn in a short black mohawk. He has Orc-like tusks, but much smaller than a pure blood Orcs would be.


Onyn Molach Bal is the son of an Orc female and half elf father (thus accounting for his natural charisma and stealth capability). His father was killed while Onyn was in the womb, having been found secretly sneaking out of the Orc encampment where his mother lived. For consorting with the enemy and submitting to the will of a non-Orc man, his mother was cast out. She was taken in by a small group of thieves along the northern border of Brevoy in exchange for her talents as an arms trainer and fletcher. Onyn was born a few months later, and his mother raised him to be a fierce warrior with two-handed weaponry. Has a youth he quickly rose to a role of prominence among his bandit company, until his mother was killed in a raid on there camp. Enraged, Onyn single handed killed his entire company, 8 bandits, and turned in there heads for a reward. He has since acted as a mercenary, sometimes with the law and sometimes against. Having built a reputation as an accomplished survivalist, tracker, and combatant, the king has hired Onyn to accompany Olgard and Ereleth into the uncharted lands. His experience with bandits and banditry may prove quite useful…


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