Tuesday Night Kingmaker

The Charter - Exploring the Greenbelt


This session began on the in date of 25 Calistril.

Onyn, Erolith and Ulgard set out for Oleg’s Trading Post from Restov after receiving their charter. Upon arriving at the Trading Post, Oleg informed them of the bandit problem in the Greenbelt, explaining that the bandits have been showing him up and taking all his merchandise and trade goods. He explained that the bandits would likely be returning again the next day an hour after sunrise.

The PCs set up an ambush for them in the morning and dispatch the 3 bandits that showed up easily.

The PCs earned 157 XP each, and are 1,843 XP away from level 2.

The session ended on the in game date of 1 Pharast, mid day.



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