Tuesday Night Kingmaker

Bandit Problem

After questioning the bandit’s horses and securing their cooperation, the group tracked the bandit’s trail back to their camp. After a short fight, they killed the leader of the bandit camp and captured 2 of the bandits, who willingly answered questions pertaining to the Stag Lord‘s operations in the northern Greenbelt. They expected to retrieve Svetlana’s wedding ring as well but, it was not present among the bandit’s stash. One of the bandits told the PCs that some mites took it , probably bringing it back to their liar under the Old Sycamore. Eventually they let the bandits go free on the promise that they not trouble the area any longer. While exploring the area around the camp, they ran into a tatzlwyrm.

They then returned to Oleg’s, meeting several newcomers to the outpost, including Jhod Kavken and Kesten Garess. After a quick restocking, they again set out to explore, and hopefully find the Old Sycamore.

The PCs earned 838 XP during this session, bringing their total XP to 995 XP. They are 1,005 XP away from level 2.

They explored 2 hexes(including locations K(Thorn River Camp) and Q(Rickety Bridge)) and began exploring a 3rd. 8 days have passed, the date now being 9 Pharast, Late Afternoon.



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